Our Certification Process

Step 1: Contact us via email, telephone or complete the online service request.

Step 2: One of our professional service managers will contact you to understand your needs and expectations, and to ensure that we provide you with a service details that fit your business needs.

Step 3: We will prepare a service offer based on your requirements. This is a non-obligatory, free of charge quotation which provides you with the technical details of the service delivery and the amount of investment required from your side to complete the service. Once you review and accept our service offer, we will proceed to next steps of the certification process.

Step 4: We will conduct the Stage 1 of the certification audit process, which is a desk audit focused on reviewing and assessing the documentation and records of your company management system accompanied by site tour to your premises. This is an important step in the certification process as it helps our professional auditing staff to understand your business, the scope and size of the management system implementation, and helps in assessing the readiness of your organisation to undergo the stage II on site certification audit. Our team will work with you to resolve any issues or gaps identified during this stage and to ensure readiness for the next step.

Step 5: We will conduct the Stage 2 of the certification audit process, which is an onsite audit where we will visit your offices and operating sites, and assess the effective implementation and compliance with the management system requirements as stated in the relevant international standards. Our audit team will prepare and send you an audit report detailing the outcomes of the audit process, and highlighting any observations or gaps identified during the audit.

Step 6: Upon the successful completion of the audit process and your submission and resolution of certification audit findings, we will apply our internal quality control processes and vetting procedures prior to the issuance of the decision of certification in accordance with the relevant international or national standard. The issued certificates are valid for three years and companies need to demonstrate continuous compliance with the relevant standard requirements to retain its validity.

Step 7:  We will visit you once a year during the life-cycle of the certificate to conduct surveillance audits on the respective management system to ensure your continuous compliance and commitment to the standard requirements, and to help you identify any improvement opportunities to realize the full benefit of implementing the management system and certification process.

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