We provide specialised and value-added services to our partners and to the business community, focusing on improving the productivity and enhancing their capabilities.  These services are customised to the needs and expectations of our partners. We work with our partners from step one to ensure that they realise the full benefit of these services, and that they receive the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to apply and sustain the outputs and successes of these services. Some of our specialised services are described below.

Gap Assessment Audits:

Not sure whether you are ready for certification audits yet? Or you do not know where to start with implementing your management system based on ISO standards? Are you migrating to an updated ISO standard and not sure what has changed and what are the new requirements? Our gap assessment audits will definitely help you.

We provide gap assessment audits to our clients to help them understand the current status of their management systems and plan their next steps. Our team of professional auditors will help you identify any gaps or issues with your documentation and implementation of management system requirements. The results of the gap assessment can be used to create road maps to bridge the gaps and improve the documentation and implementation of the management system. Our team will also highlight any opportunities for improvement and best practices that may assist you with your journey to excellence.

Our gap assessment audits are based on standard criteria and requirements in the required ISO standard. We will issue detailed reports with our findings, and we will review and provide feedback on your corrective action plans. Call us today to learn more about this service.