Global Business Bureau Certification suite of training solutions are designed to meet the needs of our clients. We help our clients achieve their learning and training objectives through carefully developed training curriculum. Irrespective of what stage you are in your learning journey, or what you are aiming to achieve with your organisation, we ensure that we carefully support you with our training portfolio.  

We have partnered with some of the world’s prestigious training academies to bring you the best learning experience and services available in the market. Through our extensive partnership and licensing associations, we can assure our clients that we will always have the latest and most relevant training topics and courses to satisfy your training & learning needs. 

Our team of professional trainers and instructors enjoys extensive years of experience in various industries and fields of implementation. Our trainers are certified lead auditors and lead trainers in their fields, with long practice and experience in developing, implementing and auditing management systems. All of our trainers and instructors carry multiple certifications and accreditations in their fields of practice.

We provide public training courses as well as in-house training options. Our public training courses run based on a planned schedule and attended by professionals from different organisations and backgrounds. Public training courses provide our clients with opportunities for networking with other professionals and sharing experiences across different industries and sectors. Contact us for our latest plan for public courses or check our schedule for public courses on this site.

Our in-house training option provides our clients with intimate opportunities for team building. If you need to train a group of your employees on the same subject matter, you can save significantly by bringing the training venue to your place. We customise in-house courses to the specific needs of the client, and we use examples and case studies related to their field of business. We also encourage our clients to bring real-life challenges to the classroom to help them gain practical experience with their own processes. If you are interested in our in-house training options, please contact us and we will take care of all the details.

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