ISO 10001

Quality management – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Codes of Conduct for Organisations

ISO 10001 provides guidance on developing and implementing customer satisfaction code of conduct within the organisation. The standard also provides guidance on maintaining and improving this code of conduct within the context of the overall customer satisfaction management framework. The standard supports the development and implementation of an overall framework to ensure customer satisfaction that integrates with the context of the organisation, and focuses on leadership and commitment. The standard specifies the key principles to implement and maintain an effective customer satisfaction code of conduct which include:

  • Commitment of the organisation
  • Ensuring effective capacity to manage and implement the code of conduct
  • Transparency in implementing the code of conduct
  • Accessibility to all interested parties
  • Responsiveness in addressing the needs and expectations of interested parties  
  • Information integrity and confidentiality
  • Ensuring a customer-focused approach that promotes accountability and competence
  • Providing timelines for code development and implementation
  • Continual improvement of the code of conduct

This standard can be used by any organisation, regardless of its size, scope, field of business, public or private, to develop and implement a customer satisfaction code of conduct based on accepted international best practices.


Achieving ISO 10001 attestation for your customer satisfaction code of conduct will help your organisation:

  • Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure alignment with international best practices and benchmarks
  • Gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders as to the transparency and robustness of your quality operations.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage on the market with distinguished clients and customers.
  • Promote the importance of customer-focus within the organisation.