ISO 55001

Asset management – Management systems – Requirements

ISO 55001 standard specifies the requirements for developing, implementing, maintaining and improving an asset management system to help organisations manage and maintain assets and creating value for their business. The standard defines an asset as an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value for an organisation, and can be tangible and physical such as buildings and vehicles, or intangible such as the reputation of the organisation. This standard helps organisations establish a governance framework to effectively manage and maintain their assets. The standard follows the high-level structure of ISO management system standards and can be successfully integrated with other management systems such as quality management.

This standard can be used by any organisation, regardless of its size, scope, field of business, public or private, to develop and implement an effective asset management system within the organisation.  

ISO 55001 provides requirements to plan, implement and control the processes needed by the organisation to manage its assets. The standard specifies the need for a risk management approach as an integral part of the asset management system. Changes applicable within the scope of the management system must be managed and controlled to ensure effective continuity of the system. The standard also specifies requirements when the organisation chooses to outsource any part of its asset management processes and activities to ensure alignment with, and achievement of asset management objectives and policies.


Achieving ISO 55001 Asset Management System certification will help your organisation:

  • Align your asset management processes to international best practices and standards.
  • Achieve cost efficiencies in managing and maintaining your assets.
  • Develop and implement practical approaches to manage your valuable assets throughout their lifecycles.
  • Build trust with stakeholders and customers with professional recognition of your asset management practices.
  • Establish a framework for monitoring and improving asset management practices within the organisation.