ISO 50001

Energy Management System

ISO 50001 standard specifies the requirements for developing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system focusing on efficient use of energy to save on resources and cost. Implementing energy management systems will not only help organisations achieve better cost savings, but also contribute to improvement initiatives towards the environment and climate change.

This standard can be used by any organisation, regardless of its size, scope, field of business, public or private, to develop and implement an effective energy management system to achieve more efficient energy use.

ISO 50001 provides requirements to develop a framework for energy management, including a policy for more efficient use of energy within the organisation. The standard will help organisations set energy management objectives and targets to achieve its energy management policy and business needs. The standard also provides specifications for setting monitoring and measuring framework for energy usage data to support decision making regarding energy use. Continual improvement is a key factor to the continued success of an effective energy management system.


Achieving ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification will help your organisation:

  • Promote your leadership in sustainability and social responsibility in the fields of resource and environmental management.
  • Align your energy management approach to international best practices and specifications.
  • Ensure that you have an effective energy use policy aligned to your business and operational objectives.
  • Build trust with stakeholders and customers on sustainable development issues.
  • Achieve cost savings through energy management programmes.
  • Establish clear energy management objectives supported by realistic targets and initiatives appropriate to your business.
  • Gain competitive advantage and get preferred status and access to markets valuing this certification, such as public sector and global enterprises.
  • Establish a framework for monitoring and improving energy use within the organisation.